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Originally Posted by Amanda S. View Post

It's not that it would be too hard for God.

But considering what the Bible has to say, if anything about a certain topic. We should do that with any decision we make. While we may have our liberty as Christians to do as we please in this matter, it is a good thing to compare Scripture with Scripture. The Bible is not completely silent on this matter...The example is there. You will not find a positive Scripture verse in regards to a body being burned.

As Wingwiper stated it is a stumbling block for a lot of Christians. For me that is also a good reason to avoid cremation. Perhaps it is ok to cremate, but I feel we should use our Christian liberty to not be a stumbling block to a weaker brother.
So, then, according to the Bible, you believe that the Lord will not resurrect those who have gone against what you feel is His teaching from the Bible regarding burial? He will REJECT those people as not doing His clear will?

Mind you, I'm not planning on being cremated myself. Burial is very expensive these days though. My own parents pre-purchased their burial plans. They'd purchased burial space in a masoleum - which is rather like a tomb, as Christ was buried. My father died last March, so he was buried in the masoleum (I hope I'm spelling that right!). My parents are Catholic though - so I don't know what Catholics teach about that.

What should people do if they cannot afford burial expenses?