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Steve Schwenke
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Every single one of us on here are "dry cleaners" unless you think Baptism does some kind of spiritual cleaning ala Campbellites, aka Water dogs. When you were saved, you were made clean without water, by the Holy Spirit.
Not exactly how I have seen the term used before. I meant dry-cleaners in the sense that they don't administer the NT ordinance of baptism AT ALL. Baptism is an ORDINANCE not a sacrament. It is something we do out of obedience to the scripture for no other reason than to obey the Scripture. It has nothing to do with salvation.
But if you know your church history, you know that the Baptists were persecuted heavily by the protestants for insisting on baptism AFTER salvation, and not in connection with salvation. Our position implicated their doctrine as false, since by default, baby-sprinklers are forced to admit that baptism is connected to salvation, and that it is not necessary after salvation. WE have lost our sense of history because of our political freedoms.