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Originally Posted by Cody1611 View Post
This morning towards the end of church a sharp pain hit me in my lower belly. I told my girlfriend I needed to go because it started getting worse and worse and I couldn't keep still in my seat. So, I left church, got in my car..barely made it to my grandmas because it was so hard to drive and experience all that pain at the same time. When I got to my grandmas I got my dad to drive me to ER and had to wait 20 minutes still for them to give me something for the pain. It was absolutely the worst pain I had experienced in my life. Anyways, they found out that it was a kidney stone. I've yet to pass the stone and I heard it hurts a lot, so please pray that I will be able to bear it when it does comes out.

Thanks for your prayers and God bless

I've had two...and yes it's bad. To quote Long John Silver from Treasurer Island, "Them's that dies will be the lucky ones!"

Passing the stone is not as bad as what you've already endured.
1 Peter 5:7 Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.