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I sympathize with your loss of Zorba.......I have lost beloved pets, most recently two dogs last summer from some sort of poisoning. I still have their mother, a standard poodle 15 years old and doing very well other than hearing loss. Still runs and plays like a pup.

I hope Heaven includes reunion with our special pet friends. Pets have been better friends than people sometimes. I hope to return to Earth with the King of Kings riding my favorite horse of all time (and best friend), Tandi (hence my pen-name). Tandakiya was a rangy, red roan, blanketed Appaloosa with peacock spots, but I expect he will be pure white in his celestial body. : )

How do we know animals have spirits that return to God? Well.....we may not know for sure one way or the other.......but where do these horses come from in Revelation 19?!