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Originally Posted by chette777 View Post

that is part of his book Grace. I think that came from an article and only covers part of what the book says. If you read it through it shows he is not a Calvinist as some would insist.


Chafer and Stam are at the opposite extremes of Dispensationalism. Chafer would be a moderate whiles Stam would be a hyper
It's really hard to classify each individual person Chette, Stam held to the outmoded "Lord's supper ordinance" that I don't, so I'd consider him "moderate" compared to me. Bullinger's followers took his teachings and ran them into the ground to the point they ended up as Unitarians and Universal salvationists. It's the lunatics who cause hyperfundamentalists like Dr. Ruckman and Ironside to classify Grace believers as "heretics", plus the plain cold fear of the simple doctrine of the free grace of God.

Hyperfundamentalism allows us to glory in ourselves, in our flesh, with our water baptism and Lordly suppers(the meaning of the "Lord's supper" is every meal you eat you remember Who provided it for you and what it took for Him to provide it to you), out "tithing" and Cadillacs, three piece suits and hairballs, long dresses on our women that were considered "innaproptriate dress" in the 19th century because it was "attractive". "Confessing" sin "to God" that's already been forgiven, going "into all the world". Where can I donate for support to missionaries in Cuba, North Korea, and Iran? So we have become spiritual darwinists and "evolved" Hyperfundamentalism that let's us feel good about ourselves.

Grace will not let us glory in ourselves, it ony allows us to glory in Him. Grace robs us of all of being little Jobs, it lets us be flesh of His flesh and bone of His bone.

Grace and peace to you brother