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you jumped into a hot spot without your fire gear on. You see Winman has been given all the scriptures to prove what we have said and that prove he is wrong in what he has been presenting as truth.

But Winman just doesn't agree. when it comes down to it you can show him clear biblical facts with scriptures. then the first words out of his heart are "I disagree" then he follows that with some out of context verses to continue to prove he is right and everyone else is wrong.

After 5 plus months of dealing with Winman I have learned just to back away after so many and leave it at that.

but one thing is for sure in five and half months Winman has never said anything about himself until yesterday and that was only to say he was Baptist. Like you we don't know if he is a she, how old is he, does he have his own web site. We got a little glimps into what was supposed to be Winman in an encouragement to pray in one of his posts. but again very little is known of him

please take time to introduce yourself and you willfind George I and the others are very good people.