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Default Re: "Dispensational Truth and Error"

Sister Jennifer said:
"My understanding has been that you have had concerns about a woman participating in board discussions about doctrine and bible study according to your interpretation of passages in 1 Tim and 1 Cor. Regardless, you call people on their false accusations and unkind words because you are honest and just. I expect that you and others on this board would feel free to point out anything I write that you disagree with just like you would anybody else. I think I've made it apparent I'm not too easily offended. And if I do get offended I come around pretty fast. I realize for some it's like letting your little sister play along with the big boys and I do appreciate it!"
Aloha sister Jennifer,

I didn't mean to leave the impression that women should not participate in discussions on the Forum (both my wife and daughter do). What I object to is the disrespect shown to men by some women that have come onto the Forum.

Obviously the Forum is NOT a "church", but that doesn't give some women the "EXCUSE" not to be respectful of men in general and especially men who may be elders/pastors, and who have been called of God to preach and teach God's Holy word.

Our society has been turning into a "Matriarchal" society for some time now (thanks to Humanism - Feminism foremost); and along with the "SHIFT" from a "Patriarchal" to a "Matriarchal" society has been the corresponding denigration, deprecation, and vilification of men (in general).

One of the things I have observed over the last 50 years is the lack of "respect" that many "westernized" Christian women (wives) have for their husbands. If a woman (wife) won't "respect" her husband, then she will be unwilling to submit to him and will refuse to obey him whenever she "thinks" she is "right" and he is "wrong". This runs "contrary" to God's order of things!

When God instituted marriage he made the man the head of the wife. Marriage is NOT A 50/50 "proposition" as all of the Humanist marriage "Guides" would have you believe. SOMEONE must be the "head", and if it is not the man - then it will be the woman! When "push comes to shove" - where a husband and wife disagree on a matter, and when a DECISION must be made, SOME ONE will have to make that decision; and if a woman is NOT willing to "submit" to her husband (in these kind of matters) she is out of God's order of things. {The "exceptions" being Physical Abuse, Drunkenness, Drugs, and Fornication.}

Now, when that kind of woman comes onto the Forum, since she has no respect for her husband, she will have no respect for the position that men hold in God's order of things. God does NOT "ORDAIN" women for the two legitimate "Offices" (bishops/elders/pastors and deacons) in the church (where men have some legitimate "spiritual" authority).

And although we (men) have no legitimate "spiritual" authority on the AV1611 Bible Forums, the Christian women who join the Forum, should still show some respect for the position that we men hold in God's order of things. I am not talking about "submitting" to us! A Christian wife has NO obligation to be in "submission" to ANY man (including pastors/elders) other than her own husband; but that does not preclude the necessity of practicing some common courtesy and extending some respect for the fact that since we are men, we are due some respect as men.

Now both you and sister Jassy (and my wife and daughter) have been excellent examples of how Christian women should conduct themselves on a Forum such as the AV1611 Bible Forums. You have expressed your beliefs in a courteous and civil manner and you have been considerate and polite in your conduct here. {I can't say that about some other women that have joined the Forum over the last year and a half. }

There are many reasons WHY Muslim men both HATE and FEAR Western civilization. One of them is the "feminization" of our culture to the point where men (in general) hold no "special place" in the home, or at work, or in society (as a whole). In our society men (in general) are portrayed either as "thoughtless bumbling fools" or as cold, callous, insensitive, unfeeling, and heartless beings that have no "feelings" of any kind.

I'm not into "respect-of-persons", but I believe that a Christian man who conducts himself decently and in order should be treated with some respect by Christian women. As a born again Christian man (and as an elder) I refuse to be treated disrespectfully by a "Christian" woman. If they get "out of order", I let them know in no uncertain terms, that I for one will NOT put up with their disrespect! Call me "old-fashioned"; call me "out-of-date"; call me a "dinosaur", or whatever; I refuse to "CONFORM" to the world in these matters!

I encourage both you and Jassy to keep Posting - perhaps your exemplary conduct will "rub off" on some of the other women that are currently posting, or on some women who would like to post here on the Forum.

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