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Default My curse is broken

Brothers and sisters, I haven't been here for a while, but I wanted to pop up real quick and let you know that I am now free from the most enduring chains that Satan has had me in since I was a (younger) child. Video games had become my idol, and since I was not involved in drugs, sex, or alcohol, I had no one to rebuke me of it besides God. I began fighting violently against this curse two years ago, but not long ago, I took my games to the sledgehammer and burned the shards. I will add that some of those pieces flew 40 feet.

The real battle, however, is the one that I am now jumping into. I, at the age of 17, am preparing to write a book denouncing the video game culture of our "good Christian kids". Since Satan can't destroy them with obvious methods, he destroys my friends and your children with a slower, more subtle poison. There will be many arguments backed up by science that will link the addictions of video games have the same effect as the addictions of drugs and alcohol-in fact, they may be the drug of my generation, even moreso than meth or marajuana! The best arguments, however, will be those that reveal the animal nature that these foul things make those potential soul-winners pathetic losers. Think of all the destinies that are being ruined by these silent distractions!

Anyway, I ask for your prayers that I will not be discouraged, distracted, and above all else, will not compromise with the back-slidden Christian mentality that is so prevalent today.

The will of God be done.