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Bro. Parrish
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Originally Posted by BornAgainBibleBeliever514 View Post
I went through the Bible Baptist Bookstore catalog and chalked up each book and pamphlet I wanted, plus a reference Bible, and the total came to almost 400$!!!
No way I can afford that, so I'll have to content myself with saving up for the Bible alone. Besides, the Bible and other works should be ordered seperately, since the Bible is only available in September and presumably won't ship until around then anyways.

I'm quite looking forward to it actually, I'm making it my own personal birthday gift (turning 30 around then).

Interesting Note: Ruckman materials on ebay or amazon are ridiculously high-priced, makes no sense. I'd rather support BBB directly anyways.
Ahhh yes, to be 30 again...
The fact is, Brother Ruckman's materials have been pirated and distributed everywhere, entire books have been reprinted and distributed IN CHURCHES, by people who had no permission and no respect for copyright law. So I would agree with you, just buy direct and support the ministry.