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What is your view of believers that died on 9/11 in New York? Are they judged as a result of not dieing in a good manner? They were burned, so I ask, was that an act of God's wrath?
Oh I am sorry. I didn't know we were talking about the sin of dying in a fire. Yes, they should have chose a better way to die.

Please! Let's not confuse the question by bringing ridiculous and fantastic side issues. Of course I don't think someone that DIES via a house fire or explosion or any such thing as wrong!? Is that what it sounded like I said?
No, I don't think so. I was referring to people who CHOSE to be cremated rather than buried.

I am also not saying I think it is "wrong" or a "sin" to cremate. I was only giving him some thoughts to consider.

Is there any "condemnation" or "judgment" from God whenever a person chooses cremation? not that I can find. But I was trying to answer the original question, not yours.

So is there scripture or scripture in type that one can offer on not to be cremated or does it even matter............?
Apply New Covenant theology to the question on cremation not Old Testament examples that are not written to us in the first place. Divide the word of truth, don't harmonize it.
Not exactly what you mean here, but ok? I wasn't "applying" anything...just offering him the Scriptures I felt dealt with the topic.