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Originally Posted by Brother Presswood View Post
Hello Friends,
I am new to the Forums. I am a long time member of the Baptist Board (since 2002) and post under the name Pastor_Bob in case anyone here frequents that forum as well.

My wife and I live in the Little Rock, AR area. We have four children and two granddaughters. My oldest son is currently serving in the US Army in Iraq. Your prayers on his behalf would be greatly appreciated.

I am currently serving as the Executive Vice-President of Blessed Hope Baptist College here in Benton, AR. BHBC is a local church, KJB, Soulwinning, Separated, and 100% Tuition-free college. We are a ministry of Victory Baptist Church. Dr. Ken Graham is our Pastor and President.

Prior to accepting this position, I pastored in Kansas for several years. Hence, the name "Pastor" Bob on the Baptist Board.

I am looking forward to being a part of the discussions here. It will be refreshing not having to wade through the attacks of the anti-KJB crowd. I am also looking forward to meeting this new network of friends.

God Bless,
Bob Presswood
Brother Presswood, I want to add my belated welcome. I'm Tony, this forum's pet "hyper" dispensationalist, and I am honored to welcome a fellow soldier for Jesus Christ to this forum.

Grace and peace brother