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Default search utility for .pdf files

Originally Posted by jerry
Does anyone know a way to search through a disk/folder full of PDF's for a specific phrase, without having to open up each individual one? If so, I can search through my CDROM with Spurgeon's sermons and books quickly. Otherwise it would take me quite a while to do so.
Hi Jerry,

Any good file manager should have that function, as well as dedicated search utilities. I use Total Commander, and it does this on the search function (you put in "*.pdf" in search for, "c:\ in search directory" and "blunder Bible" or however you want to search in Find Text. Dedicated search utilities might be a little more powerful, allowing more than one string at a time, Boolean searches, special characters and such. Locate32 and ScanFS and ExtraSearch Free and InfoRapid Search and ReplaceEm and Texrep and Serp and A.F.9 are likely all freewares. Here is a picture of one of them. Also you can use the desktop search programs, however for this I recommend one of the freewares.