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I had the same question how to find the original source of those references to Spurgeon and Torrey and others' comments on the Bible. I did find a couple of references online to Spurgeon's calling the W-H Bible "the blunder Bible" but no original source for either:

David Cloud refers to it as Spurgeon’s remark but gives no reference:

Why not the Reviser’s English? Are you serious? Because it was based on the corrupt Westcott-Hort text and, even apart from its textual corruption, it was what C.H. Spurgeon and many godly men of that day called “the blunder Bible” because of its ponderous English. In brief, it was a poor translation of the wrong Greek text.

And here’s another reference, giving more of the quotation but again no source:

Spurgeon Called the English Revised Version (1885) "the Blunder Bible"

In noticing the Revised Old Testament, Mr. Spurgeon wrote; "We did not need a blunder Bible to complete the series of eccentric Scriptures. However, good has come out of evil; the old Authorized Version sits secure upon its throne. There is none like it; nor is there likely to be."