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Context is always important. Paul is not saying he does not care how God's Word is changed or how someone says something (ie. whether it is true or not) - what he said was that it does not matter what someone's motives were in preaching about Christ, as long as they preached the truth about Christ. And the more mvs are watering down and changing the Word of God, the less truth about Him you are getting.
I agree partially in that the chief error is not so much through error of doctrine but that of motive, but there will always be corruption of God's word. Basically, two streams of Bibles, one corrupt, one not. But God is greater than the corruption; the Holy Ghost is able to lead and teach even through a corrupt text, particularly for someone new to the scriptures. In other words, the corruption of versions are not deep enough to affect the basics of the Gospel. Line upon line, precept upon precept. First clean the inside of the cup and platter, then the outside will be clean, too.