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Originally Posted by Gord
a blessing to read NASB, NKJV, ESV along with my KJV for that parallel comparison to help be understand the content
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Which textual content are you trying to understand ? The Greek texts that claim that the ending of Mark, the Pericope Adultera, "God was manifest in the flesh .." and the Acts 8:37 baptism testimony and the Johannine Comma are all man's corruption (which is the Greek text that has gross errors like the swine marathon from Gerasa and Jesus saying he is not going to the feast).

Or do you desire the underlying source text of the King James Bible and the historic Reformation Bibles, that accepts and declare these beautiful verses and sections as God's word, inspired and pure scripture.

One is truth, one is error. On this level, there is no issue of translation whatsoever. There are times where we are called to:

..choose you this day whom ye will serve..Jushua 24:15

In that last ref you quoted, that's very revealing. Whose god are you referring to... God himself, or Bible versions? (Selah)

Remember the Philippians ref I mentioned.