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Hi Folks,
Originally Posted by Gord
the literal claim of missing verses,
For the powerful ending of Mark, the verses are literally missing in their underlying Greek text. The fact is the modern version textcrits deceive you, they contradict themselves, and they instill doubt and confusion about 12 powerful, significant majestic verses. And in hundreds of other cases (e.g. see Brandon's magic marker site) they actually do remove words, phrases and verses from the modern version texts. The only reason they have not done that fully with the resurrection accounts of Mark (beyond changing text, and telling you they are the corruption of man and not scripture) is that the believers would be too aware of the gross tampering. Nonetheless, that is their stated goal.

Originally Posted by Gord
I am going to try and spend more time in study on this topic ..thank everyone for there input, it has opened my eyes to a very real topic for study, thank you all who contributed to causing me to think.
Most welcome. That was the main goal of the discussion .. to encourage you to think for yourself, clearly and hungry for God's pure word. Including the question of whether deal-breaker is a proper concept for seeking the pure word of God . Not to offend you, simply to cause you to examine and think.


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