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Originally Posted by Steven Avery View Post
Hi Gord,

Brandon gave you a superb response to this, however one point has not been addressed.

Is this position historic to Robert Joyner ? Or does he actually claim that this is the historic position of the Bible believers, with emphasis on the writings of the early church writers and the Reformation confessions and textual analysis writers ?

If so, perhaps it deserves its own thread. My research has indicated that this is a fairly new position (less than 150 years) and thus only minimally historic. And that the Reformation position was clearly au contraire. And that the early church writers were far more in synch with the Reformation position than the "historic Joyner" position.

Maybe you could start by sharing any specific quotes he gives from before the 19th century. Thanks.

Thank you for that, however let me step up and let you know, I'm still on my first read through most of the old testament, and 2nd and 3rd read in the new testament. So I still have a level of basic understanding to soak up first.

Secondly, the Holy Spirit guided the pens of the original authors to write the words on the accepted medium of their time in the then used language by the author at the time of penning the Holy Spirits words.

The only affect the Holy Spirit had on the various versions, was to inspire the translators to perform their task of translation from their source of choice following their guidelines for translating at the historic time of the translation.

I can buy the fact that at the time of the reformation, my guess is there was a lot more prayer and guidance sought from the Holy Spirit by the translators to produce the final product as clearly and accurately as humanly possible given there understanding and technology of the day that I can give the accuracy edge to the KJV. Their historic human motivation was far greater then say the translators of the NASB whose original motivation firstly came from the Lockman foundation, I believe those translators asked for that same guidance from the Holy Spirit, but with far less intensity for the final product then did say the translators of the KJV.

Originally Posted by Steven Avery View Post
Which textual content are you trying to understand ? The Greek texts that claim that the ending of Mark, the Pericope Adultera, "God was manifest in the flesh .." and the Acts 8:37 baptism testimony and the Johannine Comma are all man's corruption (which is the Greek text that has gross errors like the swine marathon from Gerasa and Jesus saying he is not going to the feast).

Or do you desire the underlying source text of the King James Bible and the historic Reformation Bibles, that accepts and declare these beautiful verses and sections as God's word, inspired and pure scripture.

One is truth, one is error. On this level, there is no issue of translation whatsoever. There are times where we are called to:

..choose you this day whom ye will serve..Jushua 24:15

My main goal is to understand the basic content first, get the big picture, before I start worrying about periods, comma's and the like. That I know will come later. Your comments still give me much more food for thought, and I thank you.