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There is a woman I know that goes to "Church of Christ". They do not allow any form of musical instruments in the church. They sing without the instruments. I don't fully agree with that (nor some of their doctrine). I think somewhere in the Bible it talks about harps and another form of musical instrument. . . So I see no need to eliminate all forms of musical instruments.......but in my opinion we don't need to hear the beat...beat...beating of drums.
As someone else mentioned, it brings back memories of the past when we lived in the flesh....drugs, alcohol, rock~n~roll. Every time I put a Christian radio station on and hear this contemporary trash I want to vomit. It reminds me so much of my younger days when I did all those fleshly things. I know not all agree with me and that does not matter. What does matter is would God listen to this so called "Christian" rock music? Really, would He?
Does anyone listen to the lyrics to some of these so called Christian songs? Some never mention Jesus, God or the Bible. Where is God in that?