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There was an idea tossed about in our discussion the other night that some Catholics have probably gotten saved by chance, considering how simple it is to be saved by accepting the truth of the gospel as a free gift, some Catholics could have been innocently reading the Bible and the Holy Spirit spoke to their heart about their need for Christ. Not every Catholic person is devout, and many don't even know the doctrines that their religion teaches (like all cults), they are Catholic in name only and not in practise, so if there is any hope for a Catholic to be saved it would be these ones.

Martin Luther is an example of a Catholic who realised from scripture that salvation was by grace through faith and not of works, but I'm not even sure he got saved in the end? He didn't want to come out of the Catholic church, he wanted to reform it. Of course he got excommunicated in the end. Can anyone shed any more light on whether or not he got saved?