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I trust the Bibles we sent are large enough print. I was very pleased with the quality of those Bibles.

The USPS has a "Large flat rate box" that you can fit nine of those Bibles in (up to 20 pounds) and send to almost any country in the world for just under $50. It's a little bit expensive, but when you consider how far they travel and the fact that they reliably get there, it's not that bad.

For anyone who is curious:

The Bibles I settled on getting for distribution have ISBN # 9780007103072. They are a kind of "leatherett" -- paperback but with a sturdy cover that looks something like leather. The text is "smallish" but very legible (at least to my eyes). The font is very clear and there are no margin notes to distract the reader.

I ordered a supply of them from Independent Publishers Group. If you order 20 they will give you a 47% discount. We've shipped them off to missionaries and hope to be able to do it again as the Lord provides.