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I don't know about that, and I am not sure where exactly Madagascar is and what language they speak.

Here in the Philippines, people that we minister to can read, memorize, and use KJV (for example, John 3:16) and understand it. One new faithful volunteer church worker I have had only finished Grade One, was privileged to sit in our Bible school for two years, and has read the Bible through both in English and in our Hiligaynon dialect. I told him to stick with me and I'm helping him understand the English verses he has memorized. He willingly goes out at least four days a week to win souls without anyone telling him to do it. I know that if only he understands what he's reading, he'll be more effective.

Concerning Madagascar, I think they will want to learn English just like our neighboring Asian countries here. I think KJVs are the best textbook to use.

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