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That website is really weird.

This mysterious "Nexus" organisation is promoting something called the “King James Version III” or “International Authorized Version”, which is different to the King James Bible. They are pretending that it is the same, but it is different, as you may see here:

They admit to changing just under 1% of the KJB vocabulary!

They show some of their changes to the KJB.

They have a witchcraft-like for and against approach which ultimately makes the argument nothing, as may be observed here:

In fact, it is like they are substituting Masonic or occultic terminology to "defend" the KJB:

It leads to double talk, which is all disguised to mean that they are changing the KJB without apparently changing it (but they actually are, because in Genesis chapter 1, they have changed "his" to "its" several times.)

The following is a very strange "prophecy", in which they claim that their new International Authorized Version will become the world standard, and that there will be "interpretation wars" over it. Surely, it seems like the Nexus organsiation is producing a "Standard Bible" for the future New World Order. Remember, this version is up to 0.099% DIFFERENT to the present KJB!

Finally, the view that Pure Cambridge Edition is that it is perfectly presenting the King James Bible to the jot and tittle is in complete contrast to the kinds of hidden alterations, double-talk and nonsense given by the Nexus organisation.