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Originally Posted by magicref View Post

When I first met my wife (she was around 22 years old), she was walking with a cane and had pain issues much like arthritis. However, all the tests came back negative, and a few doctors began to wonder if it was psychosomatic. However, her mother discovered a nutrition book that cautioned about grapes, and it said that if you are allergic to aspirin, you may also be affected by grapes, because they both contain a natural substance called salicylates. To make a long story short, she cut out all foods that contain high levels of salicylates, and her pains have become very manageable and she no longer needs a cane.

At 40, it is getting a bit worse again for her, and there is now some evidence of arthritis (some doctors feel the constant salicylate reactions may be bringing on the arthritis, but no one knows for sure), so we don't know what the future holds.

I only bring this up because she, too, had had to deal with pain on almost a constant basis, though it sounds like at a much lower level than you have had to deal with.

We know that this world is temporary for us, and one day you will have a new body in Glory, so that is certainly something to look forward to.

The issue of surgery is a difficult one, and one I think has to be decided between you and the Lord. For the one sister of Marlene that you mentioned who refused surgery, that might have been exactly the right decision for her, even though it is always difficult for loved ones to witness. For the others who elected surgery, there too, it may have been right for them to choose what they chose. I think we each need to take our prayers to the Lord, and let Him direct our paths. We go through questions like: am I electing surgery because I don't trust the Lord? or the opposite: did the Lord bring this possibility of surgery to my attention because He wants me to use it? It sounds like you have found a good surgeon, so that is certainly a plus! <grin>

Also, it is good that your friend has you to come to for advice, as getting good Spiritual advice is harder and harder these days.

My family will add you and Marlene to our prayer list.

Because of Him,

Doug A.
Brother Doug,

Thank you for explaining about your wife. I know I don't have an allergy to salicylates - but it certainly would be worthwhile to know something that could possibly save some people much suffering.

I had hip and knee replacements in my early 40s and doctors say I will need shoulder and elbow replacements - but I am reluctant to do that, since the doctors can't guarantee that I would still be able to use sign language after that. For me, being deaf, that is vital - especially since a great number of my friends are deaf, also. Communication in life is so vital.

I guess I'm becoming the "Bionic Woman"! I kept teaching at university up until just about 3 months before I finally had hip and knee replacement surgeries. I was able to park close and to walk a short distance to teach my classes. It took all of the energy and "grinning and bearing it" that I could manage. Of course, I didn't do it alone - the Lord was always with me. I look back and wonder how I ever did it all. At that point, the doctor told me that my one hip, which was supposed to be round and smooth, was shaped like a bird beak - and he had no idea how I was able to walk! I know that although I had tremendous pain, it didn't all register with me. I was very determined to manage and do everything that was required of me. I didn't want to quit my teaching in the middle of a semester.

The doctors had encouraged me to bear it as long as I could, because they said I was so young for that type of surgery that the replacement devices could wear out - while I still needed them - and need to be replaced. They said the average timespan for the hip or knee replacements is up to 15 years.
Well, it has been about 12 years now. I'm still doing fine with them.

I will pray for your wife. I hope that she isn't suffering too much. I know what that is like!

Marlene will have her spinal surgery for the tumor in 2 to 3 weeks. I haven't decided yet when I will have mine. I tend to wait until things become unbearble before I make a major, complex decision like that. I feel that the Lord will lead me to know when the time is right.