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I will second what Brother George advised Sister Jassy about Brother Forrest, wholeheartedly!
He has also been a great blessing to me since joining this forum and I truly Love him in the Lord, I would also purchase the Book when it is finished for I am positive that it will encourage me to focus on the Lord Jesus Christ and on him alone, Brother George is correct in the midst of all the arguments and bickering there lies a body of posts by Brother Forrest that have passed by with little comment and let me tell you all here and now, if they were gleaned over once more, many would be humbled and abased and the Lord magnified.
For they truly cut through the nonsense and get straight to the heart of the matter, The LORD JESUS CHRIST!

God Bless you Brother Forrest
You are in my prayers daily

Jassy George is also so right in the fact that we, who are relatively healthy have NOTHING to complain about when we hear encouraging and humbling testimony's like yours.

God Bless Sister

1 Chronicles 16:11 Seek the LORD and his strength, seek his face continually.