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For a while, our evening service was over early (so the old folks could get home before dark). My wife and I decided we weren't done with "church" for the day and started attending some of the area "Bible-believing" churches. Some were eliminated quickly when the preacher started "misquoting" the text. Others did not appeal for various reasons. One church not far from us had a young pastor that was very passionate with his preaching. He used the KJB and was instrumental in the rapid growth of his church. We started going more regularly, because we found the church to be enjoyable to attend just as "average Christians".


One night they had a talent show during the evening service. One of the groups performing was a group of teen-age girls clogging to a country-style "christian" song. Their costumes consisted of tee-shirts and jeans (not loose-fitting!). If you know anything about clogging, you will understand that when they faced the audience, one part was bouncing quite noticeably, and then when they turned away from the audience, the other part was likewise bouncing. I looked down at my feet as soon as I saw the first action, and after glancing to see if it had subsided (which did not happen), I spent the rest of the song staring at my shoes. We never returned.

That church has been struggling with one problem after another as so many "new" members came in looking to be entertained that they dragged down the strong witness the church once had.