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Originally Posted by cb6445 View Post
I agree, strange enough, I get very nervous around crowds and avoid them at all cost. The thought of standing in front of people and doing anything gets me shaky. I understand better now what you are saying, and I completely agree. I find nowhere in God's word where anyone was called for these "ministries"! If it don't line up with God's word (KJV), they are wrong and the Bible is right. I'm like you, if you have a talent to sing and you feel the Lord leading you to sing, buy all means.......SING! Same with the rest. I just see some of these so called "preachers" saying they are called of God to preach, and.......well, you've been around long enough to know what I'm saying there. They're standing behind the sacred desk of God and preaching (if you call it that) some of the craziest stuff. I talked to a guy the other day that goes to a Baptist church down the road and he said his preacher teaches that everybody goes to heaven as soon as they die. Where in the world do these people get this stuff. You'd have to be dumb on purpose to believe that garbage. I think some take preaching too lightly. I see what you're saying with "how" were you called. I believe he calls you through the Holy Ghost, that's how I was "called"; maybe lead (or is it led, don't know) is a better word)! Anyway, thanks for clarifying and taking the time to discuss God's precious word (and the mysteries therein) with me. God Bless!!
Clint, it was late and my choice of words was wrong maybe, I know I'm out there as far as a lot of traditional fundamentalists go and didn't want to leave anyone with the impression I am some kind of theological Abby Hoffman or anything. The old time "calling", yes, is there. But I've noticed a lot of occultism creeping into the Church, which is natural and to be expected, this is war, brother, soldiers fight battles in wars. I saw many young men and women grooming their appearance and their voices and their "people skills" in college, and not a grenade, not a machine gun going off, not a spear being thrown or the clash of swords, and then the Scriptures reminded me these people know little or nothing of war in the spiritual realm, of the assaults that go on around us in the heavenlies and in the realm of the spirit. I am glad you understand and glad I was not confusing. I know the discussion on water baptism may have some of us tense, but most of you just have not gotten to get into a spiritual firefight with me next to you yet to see that we have much, much more in common than we differ.

Clint, the Scriptural proofs of what happens to a Christian at death has roots in the book of John:

John 3:13 And no man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even the Son of man which is in heaven.

Christ is saying in the first part of this verse the simple truth that we don't go to heaven at death under our own power., as a man climbing up steps, or climbing a ladder, we are taken there. And it is Scriptural doctrine that yes, the instant we die, we are in His Presence:

2Co 5:8 We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.

The Watchtower, the SDA, and the Church Of Christ all teach a state of "unconsciousness" in death called Soul Sleep. I think Herbert W. Armstrong of the Worldwide Church Of God taught it too, he was ex-SDA.

There is no reason for a Christian to fear the state of death, we have not been gioven the spirit of fear, but as humans we all fear the manner in which it it occurs. None of us want to be in a plane crash, or have some vicious disease, but in the flesh we have to suffer the infirmities of it. But brother, yes, we die and are then in His Presence.

Hold fast Clint, grace and peace to you brother.