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Originally Posted by Bro. Parrish View Post
LOL Brother Tony, I would love to respond to that, but I'm going to need someone to translate it so I can understand exactly what you wrote....

Forgive me brother, I have been out on the lake riding the Sea-Doos today and I am kind of exhausted.
he he, forgive me my friend. Just a little sarcastic levity pertaining to some antics of some of those silly Earthlings who look right, talk right, act right, carry the right book(KJV), separate themselves from the same things, and have lost the vision of what it's all about. Many have forgotten, while preaching against lifestyle evangelism, they have adopted it. One year we had a tract booth you could take apart and put together with wing nuts. We didn't sell lemonade, we gave the gospel of Christ for free. We paid for the tracts out of our own pockets which was no hardship. I got restless and went up the street, one of the bikers had pulled a knife on one of the men(the six foot+ ex-Marine). I told him, put the knife in me or put it away, I have no family, this man has 3 kids, put the knife in me. He said what if he didn?t put the knife away? I told him he had 2 seconds to put it away or it would be between the valley of his gluteal muscles(To be better understood I had to use the street colloqial and vernacular). While he was stunned I just reached out and FLICK!, took it right out of his hand.(nice GERBER GATOR, I still have it). While he protested about his knife he said, "Why do you look like US(I don't have a beard though)but you talk and act like THEM?"

I told him that he was not suppose to be LOOKING AT ME, but the words on the page of THIS BOOK. I thanked him for the knife and walked back to the booth. Bro. Parrish, I'm a tobacco using, gun-owning heterosexual(a rare type in America)who thinks Ted Nugent is easy listening music and am a fan of drag racing. I see no reason to be Pat Boone on the outside while I am Count Dracula inside.

I guess my point is you never know who's gonna pop up claiming to believe the KJV is the inspired word of God, and there are many who will claim to be willing to take a knife for Jesus and those who actually will. So much for me. He must increase while I decrease. Given that background though woe be unto he who cometh forth claiming only the original manuscripts are inspired. I threw bikers out of bars after disarming them then later years witnessed to them, so White, Kutelik, and Hudson are a Trio Of Miniscule Swine going squee squee squee.

I hope you had a laugh brother, I don't do the Skee Doo, I can't swim.

Grace and peace my friend