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Originally Posted by Bro. Parrish View Post
LOL, that is hilarious brother...
we only act that way when liberal Christians come in here and attack the KJV...
Brother Parrish, once upon a time I went to hear a very prominent KJV defender speak; I was with the (then)pastor of a church I was in from the ground floor, I was there when it started though I was not considered a "founding" member. See, I owned a TV and watched it. Yet I went, (in jeans and flannel shirt, God looketh upon the heart, not the outer appearance)with a brother who is 6:3 and a former Marine drill instructor and another brother who is 5:7 and made up for lack of physical power with facial expression. We wanted to see if this KJV defender would discuss a Spanish New testament being represented as a "KJV in Spanish" that was actually the ASV in Spanish. The prominent KJV defender was quickly ushered out and any attempts by our pastor to address the brother in a Christian manner petered out, so to speak due to the fact of several young men who were bodybuilders(They were attired in suit would have made John Gotti weep with envy). Arm Twisters & Strong Arm Bodyguards For Christ. Though we went bearing precious seed we were somewhat rudely ushered out. I stood at the bottom of the steps and asked anyone in the crowd want to go down on the street where Christ is not named and witness with us? One of the young bodybuilders said rather loudly that, yeah, we were going donw to look at some leg. Some young families with children present stopped and stared at them, I thought these people would, whats the phrase, "sneeze kittens" in disgust? I said if you boys want a fight, come fight the devil on the street. To quote Amish from BRAVE HEART, theh gut ahll drrressed oop fer noothin'. They had to have the last word. The pastor of the church(now a "doctor") followed me out to my overpowered MOPAR and said I hurt those boys feelings and should apologize to them. I told him if any stepped off the stoop before we were all out of the parking lot I would circumcise them with a bloody husband knife(a small flint dagger, don't leave home without it) and then make them eunuchs. I used to be a bouncer in a biker bar that became a gay bar and closed after a week due to drug dealing by the new owners, I was a vending machine tech who had to service five adult bookstores who were overseen by a sergeant supervisor of the local police dept. on his days off. I guess my point is that Voltaire' once said there are men who can't control their families so they retreat to the attic to rule the world(as Karl Marx). I guess there are men who can't rule their apostate tendencies and retreat to the internet where they can rule the doctrine of inspiration. I'm not impressed with thug-enforcers, especially if they carry Bibles. I'm not impressed with Christians who think running a ministry is like an epsiode of The Sopranos. I'm not impressed with "Christians" who play the JW Shell Game of trying to say II Tim. 3:16 refers only to the "original manuscripts" when an 8 year old Sunday school child could rip his argument apart.

Bro. Parrish I have written ye in a small letter and depart with two questions: Is the weapons of our warfare carnal? And has the long held secret that will destroy Christianity, one indeed more damaging than The Da Vinci Code, has it leaked out, to wit, that poor old dumb God has finally succumbed to Alzheimers; He wrote these manuscripts and forgot where He put them... that why we need all theses "doctors"?

Woe is me.
Woe is we
Jesus wept.

grace and peace