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Default Pray for My Church

The Lord lead me to the church where I am currently at about 4 months ago. He lead me there for a reason. It's a small church (maybe 20 faithful members), but the preacher there is truly a man of God. I was called in to the ministry while at this church, and this pastor has really helped me. He keeps me leaning on Jesus and wouldn't really help me any other way (that's the best help I ever needed, not to lean on man and lean on HIM). Anyway, I everyone kept sayin how they were ready to grow and nothing was being done. Well, I even noticed the pastor seemed afraid of growth/change (which I guess we all are in a way), but it is God's will for the pews to be full. Right? Anyway, he asked me if I'd hold service this past Wed. night and the Lord laid a message on my heart (Full House). I was watching a church sitting around complaining how they were wanting to see people get saved and the church to grow but nothing was being done about it. I hated to preach the message because it was a VERY HARD message (basically tellin everybody to get off the seat of do nothin and let's go out as a church and try to "compel sinners"). An amen that night would have been worth $100 a piece, lol. Anyway, the congregation took it and seemed to agree. I mean we don't even support missionaries at that church, we don't support any body for that matter. I touched on going door to door, supporting missionaries, starting a men's bible study/prayer meeting, etc. The congregation supported it and the pastor even seemed to support it and later told me that message was from him. He referred to himself (in this "episode/message") as Eli. He said the Lord sent that message to him. Anyway, we've now got the ball rolling on going door to door, the men's prayer night/bible study, and are even going to start supporting missionaries. Anyway, I could still tell my pastor was upset about something. He preached this morning, while I wasn't there, on how new preachers should crawl, then walk, then run and some people try to do the opposite. I just got back from tonight's service and he was constantly taking blows at me from the sacred desk of God, even saying my sermonettes weren't gonna cut it anymore that they needed to last longer than 30 min, durin his message in front of the whole congregation. This was only my 3rd message I've ever preached. Anyway, can someone please tell me, is there I time limit on a message from God? If God gave me a message that lasted 10 min, that's all I would take or 2 hours if that was the message. I just fail to understand that. Also, he made the comment of new converts and new preachers crawling before they walk or run. I disagree with that, and please comment, I mean yes you do need to crawl in a sense of your ministry. God does say "not a novice" and talks about "waiting on your ministry" but I don't feel anybody should sit around on there hands. Do you. There's a lot more to this, but anyway, please pray for me and my church and pastor. It's really discouraged me. I can really see how new convert's fire burns out, it's not b/c they try to run first, it's b/c everybody's tellin them to just sit back and calm down. I say keep it going, stay on fire, you may not know a lot about the Word, but keep that burning desire to share with people what God did for you and don't lose your "fire" for God! Amen!