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Originally Posted by cliffordsndrs451 View Post
I have often considered that period of time. If you've had a chance to read Strobel's book, "The Case For Christ", it covers some good information about the very early church not bathed in all the rumors of the period. He uses some solid experts that reinforce how people talked about and wrote about Christ. Even though there was rampant illiteracy, there still was solid evangelism apart from Catholic Dogma. There has always been a strong chain of truth protected by the hand of God throughout the ages.

Also, most Jewish children were educated so those that became saved also built a strong belief in education.
One rule of thumb I used was seeing who in what period of history the Catholics were burning, they were most cases Bible Christians. I've researched my own sect, the Grace Dispensationalists, and found them traced back to the "Paulicians" of the 3d Century AD. The Catholics said they were this and they were that. In truth they were hyper-evangelistic, did not baptize in water, and emphasized Paul's books as being authoritative for them, so I guess if you put a name on me, then I am a Paulician.

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