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Default Medieval Evangelism

Thankyou Samuel. I am reading that site.
Thankyou CKG for the info.

Thanks for that Tony. Per Romans 10. That was one of the reasons for my enquiry. I see the word "hearing" used at that point as meaning more than just being within earshot - but also "being able to hear by grace and faith." Therefore considering the "elect" back then and effective evangelism, I would say that the Spirit guided them into all truth by the same method He employs today.
As we can observe in the secular world education can be a sinful vanity in man, for him to consider a lack of it precludes the conversion of sinners is a deceiving principle. We should be humbled by the Spirits work regardless of man's intellectual progress. Wisdom is the gift of God but churches today are in danger of presuming all too much in favour of man's developing in education, technology and science, as if he can achieve this of himself.