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I got my own name embossed on the front of one of my Bibles, the feature was offered at no extra cost. Does that make me a humanist and my own final authority?

Whenever I give a Bible to someone, I always write in those little To: and From: fields that it was from God to the person, and hopefully the date of their salvation.

As for famous preachers signing Bibles, I think its very distastefull. If I did spend the day with Sam Gipp, Kent Hovind or the like, I'd ask them to sign my copy of their book, or better just have a picture taken.
Living up in Quebec, we rarely get to see any famous preachers come through here. Apparently the Doc came to my church once before I got there.

I suppose if I was ever at some publicity event for a new MV (as if!), I'd ask one of them to sign it, and if they asked why, I'd say because they're your words, not Gods!