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Originally Posted by ChaplainPaul View Post
What do you think about having people sign your Bible? Why do we do that? I don't like signing Bibles, probably because I just don't understand it (although I've done it so as to not offend someone). I've never had an urge to get someone to sign my Bible. If you have people sign your Bible, why do you do it? If you sign people's Bibles, why do you do it? I'm not picking a fight about it. I just don't understand it.
Aloha brother,

If you feel uncomfortable about this (signing Bibles), it's probably because God the Holy Spirit is trying to tell you something.

In 50 years of being a Christian, there have been a couple of men who helped me in my study of the Bible - I never once ever thought of asking them to "sign" my Bible.

I believe that this stems from our carnal "Culture" and the elevating of "Christian celebrities" as if they were Football, Baseball, or Basketball stars; or as if they were popular or famous "politicians" or "actors" (which some of them are!)

I go along with Brandon - the only person I would ever want to sign my Bible would be my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.