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Welcome to the forums brother Shofar. I myself have not been here for long, but do feel right at home in this forum. I pray you get to feel the same way as I. It is my advice that you stick to the King James Authorized Version as your main version for Bible study and growing in the LORD. The Authorized Version is the perfect word of GOD written in English but if you feel you must posses the original language Testaments, I recommend you do get the Hebrew Old Testament and the Greek New Testament (I noticed you mentioned you had a Hebrew New Testament). The reason I recommend the Greek New Testament (which is the original language for the New Testament) is that you don't get caught up by the Hebrew Roots Movement heresy like I almost did myself. I also recommend you be careful which ones you get since they are corrupted text out there known as the Alexandrian text. Be careful and do some research, and I'm also sure that they're brothers in Christ here that will explain with more detail if you ask. Finally, brother I going to ask you out of curiosity (because of you avatar), are you from Jewish decent?

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