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See there. I learn something new all the time. Very good and thorough study Pas...oops, Brother George. I especially connect with these thoughts:

Can’t you see that if there is a “plurality” of “elders” in a church (with equal authority), that it will be less likely that ONE MAN will become the center of attention - rather than the Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy word? Can’t you see that with several “elders”, (of equal authority) that those in authority (in God’s church) will have to learn to “get along”, rather than have ONE MAN “run the show”? Isn’t it obvious, by the “fawning”, “adulation”, and “glorying” in men and their “works” today, that God had a “reason” for multiple “elders” as “leaders” in His church – rather than just ONE MAN, who is elevated and honored by many as THE UNDER-SHEPHERD, rather than just an “elder” (amongst several) who is supposed to be a SERVANT of the Most High God – NOT some kind of KING!
WHY have most of the Fundamentalist and Evangelical churches chosen the TITLE “pastor” rather than “elder” when referring to men who are in a position of authority in the church of God? (remember - 20 to 1?) The TITLE “elder” does NOT SEPARATE the "leadership" from the brethren in the church of God. The TITLE “elder” does NOT convey the impression that the man (that is an “elder”) is any DIFFERENT from ordinary Christians. Could it be that the use of “TITLES” within Fundamentalist’s circles is meant to SEPARATE “pastors”, “preachers”, “ministers”, “doctors”, etc. from ordinary Christians, i.e. a “clergy” vs. “laity” setup?
The title "Pastor" does have a tendency to make you think you are a little better, more spiritual, a little step higher, and right under the Chief Shepherd in the pecking order. I know from my personal experience...