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Amen amen amen. Paul Washer caused me to doubt my salvation for ages, because I was constantly looking at myself and judging my holiness.

His "famous" sermon, the one that is "so shocking and biblical he was never invited back" has a lot of good points in it, and it is very convicting, and I believe God has used it for some good, but there is a lot of false doctrine/works based salvation in it. I have seen Arminians/Holiness defend that sermon as being totally biblical, claiming that washer teaches you can lose your salvation (he is a calvinist, so he doesn't teach that at all, at least not in his statement of faith).

It seems to me that a bunch of self righteous hypocrites of the southern baptist/new evangelical pursuasion have claimed washer for their own. He helps to make them seem holy and teaching the truth, compared to the majority of charasmatic churches in the states.

The things he says about "easy believism" are both good and bad. No, a prayer doesn't save you, but yes, if you ask Jesus to forgive you, believing He will, then He will. Washer's idea of salvation is begging God for it, like God has His free gift, but He is only offering it to people who beg for it and grovel and do some kind of penance.

I don't know what his work is like on the mission field. He may do a lot of good, but I know that I cannot promote him, because he is a calvinist, and I find that doctrine deplorable.