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Originally Posted by Amanda S. View Post
I still do not have an answer I am happy with...

This idea that something is not God's will...was not God's plan from the beginning...IS not God's plan now or ok because of the consequences are just disastrous is not sitting well with me. But given that the consequences ARE disastrous I don't feel comfortable coming down hard on the "offenders"...

It reminds me of instances of an alcoholics or drug addicts that are converted. It is right that they quit their substance abuses...Do I expect them to quit and never turn back? No, not really...Should they? Of course...Can they? Not in every case...

Being in a family where everyone of my truly saved extended family smoked I can understand the hold these things can have on you.

The same can be true for polygamist marriages and the fall-out from leaving their families.

Pam, I liked your comparison of your marriage to your husband but there is nothing to suggest we should divorce because we were out of God's will when we married (1 man 1 wife). The same can be said for other sins...When we are saved we are not told to fix all the things we did wrong before.

But knowing how the Bible is very clear as to what it considers a marriage is a polygamist living in fornication when he keeps his wives and what / if any bearing does that have on the church and the other Christians/polygamists.

We need to establish -




Being very careful to heed this verse:

Isaiah 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!
Because we are all sinners and have departed from wholly keeping to the Commandments of God in heaven and the Ceremonial Law that Moses wrote, we have no say to judge others. LORD Jesus stated that clearly that unless we are completely free of sin ourselves, who are we to cast stones at another? Also, the Word of God is clear to understand so long as the words read are defined as the LORD placed them and not by the presumption of men's vanity. Example, the word "fornication" in recent days is coined by many to be just exclusive to sexuality; however, the original intent was not exclusively just that, but far more toward the worship of other gods other than the LORD God of Israel. Committing whoredom and fornication to other gods is a serious matter and is bad news for anyone to do.

but in relation to the original subject, I have read the answer mentioned earlier in this thread, our LORD's original intent is the sure way to approach this matter, but if the gentiles or benders of the Word of God will not hear after a warning is given by they in Christ Jesus and continue to be rebellious to the will of God in heaven, then their continued actions will be between them and the LORD on the day of judgement.

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