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Oh my word Sis. Jessica!? Of course that's not your quote?

Did I say it was?? No, rather I was quoting - you say Renee? - OK...I did not care who said it...I was interested in showing MY reply to the author's warning...

I know you agree with Renee. I read that last night too...

I am not confused in the least on what's being discussed in my posts.

Jessica said:
I would never counsel a believer to marry an unbeliever ... unless there were extenuating circumstances. Perhaps if they are already sleeping together, and they won't or can't stop, which is something that is specifically NAMED AS SIN...fornication, or adultery. Or if the woman was pregnant by the man.
OK...I'll give you that...But I would still say willfully doing that which is wrong (bad, not God's will etc.) is sin...We all know lying is a sin but I would lie in a heartbeat to protect my children from an intruder were he to ask where in the house they were hiding. God forgive me. I am not talking about extenuating circumstances anyway...I was speaking generally...if after counseling, warnings, ignoring God's will the person still willfully chose to marry anyway I think it's plain out wrong...Wronger than coveting or lying? No. But still wrong.

Jessica said:
I try (unsuccessfully many times) not to condemn other people for things they do that I feel is sinful. I'm a hypocrite when I do that, and maybe even a false accuser. Jesus pronounced many Woes! to hypocrites. To regular sinners He says, Go and sin no more. He really hates hypocrisy. I don't think He cares much for false accusers, either. I don't want to be either of those things, even though I know I am at times.
Agreed. I condemn no one. Do I think it is still a sin? Yes. My children (obviously myself too) willfully sin I condemn them? No. Am I full of condemnation towards them? No.

Again I quote myself:

While it's not up to us to shake a finger, scowl and judge, it will be judged as sin by God. I don't believe as a state of sin, but a single act of sin.

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