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Thanks Greenbear! It certainly helped me see your point of view. I will no longer refer to anything you've said in this thread.

Let us bear in mind that neither the Love and Race thread nor the Biblical Marriage "Joined" or "Yoked" thread were on the topic of whether anybody believed that believers should marry unbelievers.
Alrighty, thanks for steering me back to the bigger picture

Correct me if I am the Love and Race thread is whether or not interracial marriage is permitted in the church age and the Yoked/Joined is what it is. Honestly I don't think I ever commented over there until you addressed me from this thread on the Yoked/Joined with this comment

What? This thread has been about whether marriage is being "yoked" or being "joined".
I never made one comment over there until after post #93. How was I supposed to know what that thread was about? And I've quickly found out that quite frankly I want nothing to do with that brew ha ha! Yikes!

Love and Race Thread Post 108, July 20

Amanda's Quote:
Interestingly I have heard this quoted a time or 2 in defense of marrying an unbeliever in attempts to win them to the Lord.

Greenbear's response:
I believe you are mistaken if you're insinuating that's how this verse was used in this thread by either George or myself.
Just for the record to which I replied I was NOT insinuating that

Amanda's Quote:
Oh not at all! In my lifetime, not on this forum. Sorry for not being clearer
We are not going to agree completely on the "joined not yoked" aspect so therefore are not going to come to a complete agreement here.

Greenbear said: I wouldn't cave in and support the "popular" verse that "everybody" who's anybody uses to support the position that believers should not marry unbelievers.
I guess you can call me "everybody that's anybody"

If it's not God's will, if it's not good, if it is a bad decision etc...and you do it any way it is sin.

As I previously stated:

We had better be mighty careful (just because we may have “good” marriages), that we don’t go around judging Christians that may have ignorantly or willfully married a lost person.
Ignorantly married a lost person...sure, I'll give you that.

Willfully? James 4:17 comes to mind.

Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.

While it's not up to us to shake a finger, scowl and judge, it will be judged as sin by God. I don't believe as a state of sin, but a single act of sin.
I think one other thing we disagree on is actually calling willfully marrying an unbeliever, ignoring the negatives and all the red flags and the Father's will - SIN.