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study can be done wrongly and it can be done rightly. no one said or assumed you didn't study. I think I used the words failure to Properly study. we have presented plenty of scripture and you always come back with the same line "I don't see it that way"

One way to see if you are studying properly is to see how what you learned has lined up with those who do study properly. If you are always arguing and debating it comes from some point of seeing yourself as always right and everyone else as always wrong. That is why I back away after a few posts with you.

As I said earlier it is like trying to share with a JW. they don't study properly and never see it that way. it is obvious by your remarks like JW's you approach the scriptures with some preconceived Ideas of scriptures that you have learned from some other teacher you respect. and you set out to argue or debate that view and hang on to it no matter what.

so now I will back away from this thread as it is obvious that you don't see it any other way than Winman see it. there by it is of no use to share anymore with you.