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Originally Posted by Mind and Body View Post
I don't look at his Web-page and wonder because he is a KJVO, but I find it interesting because it is something I have never questioned before. I think, however (I don't mean to be rude) that calling geocenterists "fringe" is a little extreme. He has an article in one of his TBA .pdf files with quotes from atheist/evolutionist scientists that more or less concede that geocentricity is science (even though it destroys the IBBT [Inflationary Big Bang Theory]). And that is something to think about: if we can provide evidence for geocentricity, then we can discredit the Big Bang Theory, something for which evolutionists have no non-Creation alternative (other than the Steady State Theory, which is severely discredited and has been since the 70's).
I understand you are not being rude M, and please understand I was not demeaning your thread or your topic. My point is that we are soldiers for Christ, not scientists for Christ. Great men of science who were Christians, as Henry Morris and Louis Pasteur, their job, their livelyhood was science. Our whole purpose is to give the gospel to the lost so that His words can make them alive to Him.

Do you know I have a slight background in biochemistry? You have to in order to be a mortician as I once was. At the end of our DNA is a little enzyme known as a TELOMERE. It tells a cell when to divide and when the time for the cell to die has arrived. Each cell in your body divides 52 times, this is called the Hayflick Limit. Cancer cells don't have that. Did you know cancer cells, for all practical purposes, are immortal? As long as the host organism is alive, they are alive to continue to divide and spread. They CANNOT DIE as a normal cell dies, until the host dies. Cancer is a devious counterfeit of eternal life, one day we will be resurrected, or changed at His Appearance, and never die. Some may think this is a horrendous analogy, but we need to counterfeit those cancer cells and penetrate the body of the lost world, making new cells for Christ, who are then immortal and will never die.

The steady state theory was the predominant one for centuries. Recently, it's most vocal advocate was Sir Fred Hoyle. The Big Bang took over but is starting to crack around the center. What has "science" done? Rolled with the punches, now they have the theory that the Universe "oscillates". Bangs, expands, shrinks, bangs, expands, shrinks. This is the central theme of Hindu cosmology and religion. Evolution is a precept of the Hindu religion. Our children are being taught a religion against the Constitution's prohibition of it by a government entity. What has the ACLU done?

Don't hold your breath.

"Genesis is a myth..." Pope John Paul II, OMNI Magazine, Oct. 1981.

Grace and peace