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I didn't grow up in a christian home, @ least there wasn't any evidence that I did: until after my mother died: then I found out that she was saved.

Unfortunately, my dad was a Christian gone astray. It was my grandma lead my mother to the Lord. So, to say the least: my mother didn't know how to walk as a Christian lady.

My dad died in the Vietnam War in 1972 on my 10th birthday. He was a navigator & the right wing of his C130 got blown off. There is no evidence of his remains.

My dad was 36 @ the time of his death & my mother 32. And @ the time of my mothers death, she was 55 & I was 32.

We were told if we wanted to go to church that it was up to us. The Lord knew my heart & protected me for many years. I prayed to him often, even before I got saved.

I got saved @ the age of 29 & wrote a poem called:
Deceived & In Hell Received?
It was my mothers favorite poem that I wrote & it was through Gods words that I wrote it. It spoke to my mothers heart, before she died & she loved it.

Why do I go by Blessed2BeeAlive? Well, I hope by reading my testimony I hope you get some idea of why.

My sisters family need lots of prayer: for they aren't saved.

Well.......That is enough for now.......!! I look 4ward 2 UR reply.