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Can you offer any proof where the Church is equated with the House of Israel or Judah? Also, can you offer any proof where the Church is fulfilling the New Covenant? Keep in mind that similarities do not make equals.

Also keep in mind that if the New Covenant is to be fulfilled w/ Israel as Scripture says in the restoration of Israel as Scripture says with an outpouring of the HOly Spirit as Scripture says based on the mediator of the New Covenant who is the basis of the New Covenant through His blood, wouldn't it be possible that positionally, the Church has entered into some of those Millennial blessings b/c we are linked through Jesus Christ? After all, Col. 1:13 very well could be a positional truth about the Church in Christ's future Kingdom.

One other thing...what do you do with the land references that are mentioned with the NC? If you are fulfilling the NC now, then where is your land fulfillment?