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Originally Posted by Jassy View Post
I am new here. I used to be Roman Catholic. I even taught Sunday School in my late teens. A friend witnessed to me and I knelt down and repeated her prayer. However, I didn't understand anything yet - nor was I truly "saved." After that point, however, I began to compare the Catholic Bible I had with the Bible the Christian friend had given me. I found many differences and was confused. The Catholics had ten commandments listed, but they weren't the same as the other Bible. The commandment about idols was missing and the one about coveting was divided into two. Very subtle yet a marked difference. After this discovery, I laid about 6 Bibles side by side (I didn't know about or have a Bible Concordance yet) and began studying in earnest. I thought that, with all the different Bibles, I was sure to get the truth. It just left me more confused!! About 5 years later, I was baptized and then I had the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I gravitated towards the KJV and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I had no problem understanding the "old English" - actually, it's quite clear, unlike a lot of the other translations! I've stuck with that version - even though people have tried to sway me into accept other versions.

Back to Catholicism. Because of the focus on many wrong teachings, if a Catholic chooses to stay with the Roman Catholic Church, at the very least, they'll be confused and, at the very worst, they'll be LOST for putting their faith in the POPE - as the VICAR (which means Jesus' representative - literally "His replacement!" on earth). This is something I cannot abide by or accept as being in any way truly Christian.

This places a MAN - a human - as one who can make changes and require that the entire church trust him, just as they would Christ.

The Roman Catholic Church changed many things along its long history, including killing Protestants during the Inquisition. Basically, it was accept the RCC or die! Many martyrs chose death.

I think that should tell us the truth of the matter. I know that I was LOST while I was still entrenched in the Roman Catholic Church.
Welcome, Jassy. I've only been here several days myself. I always love to hear a Christian's personal testimony of how the Lord led them out of the darkness into His glorious light. There is fellowship among those who esteem His Word above everything in this world.