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Originally Posted by Jassy View Post
Thank you tmonk. Since this was way back in 1979, that I was first witnessed to and given a Bible, and I'd had an old Catholic Bible for many years, I really don't remember which Bible it was. It may have been an old Jerusalem Bible? I am sorry to say that I'm not sure. I just remember that commandments being different, when I compared them.

Additionally, I compared some old Catholic Catecism booklets that I had with the Bible, and that was also different. I remember it had a lot about the Pope and his authority on earth and his leading of the Church and putting your trust in him as the Vicar on earth.

Sis. Jassy good day and greetings from the Philippines! Not only written in their catecism but even painted in the front of their building that we can see them. Truly, they chop off the clear command of the bible in regards to the graven image as found in Exodus 20:4.