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Default Acts 13:20 & 1 Kings 6:1

Originally Posted by boaz212 View Post
Hi Will:
I am in the same conviction that God's word-KJB is always right. You have shown by changing the word of God because of unbelief, a bigger problem is created. I have learned from your article that God sometimes doesn't count the same way we do.

So here's the conclusion of I Kings 6:1.
336 years Time of the reign of Judges
60 years Time of the reign of Samuel
40 years Time of the reign of Saul
40 years Time of the reign of David
4 years Time of the reign of Solomon at the time

480 years

I believe that God was only counting the years of reign of judges and kings when Israel settled permanently in the promise land. Joshua's time was not counted in because he was a "transitional ruler" who was commissioned outside the promised land.
Please let me know what you think and offer any corrections. Thanks again Will for your help.
Hi Tim. Thanks for all your help on this. Your explanation may well be correct. In any case, the text of the KJB is again vindicated as being the true text and the fake bibles have once again perverted the true words of God.


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