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Default 450 years of judges

Originally Posted by boaz212 View Post
Hi Will, thanks for your help on this passage. I read your new post a few times through. I have a couple of questions for you.

1.Is the time of Joshua's Conquest left out for a reason? (I understand the reasoning for leaving out the 40 years of wandering which makes sense.)
2.Is the time of Samuel's service as a judge include the reign of Saul? I know both of their times do overlap.

Thanks again for your help. I know we are very close. God bless.
Hi Tim. Thanks for your interest in these passages. I really don't see the problem at this point. If you do, could you please point it out to me?

The time of Joshua's conquest would still be a part of the time they were actually IN the promised land and would fit into the 480 years mentioned in 1 Kings 6:1. I can't find any place where Joshus is actually called a "judge" or even "judges" Israel, so his time period would not be included in the 450 years when God gave them judges.

As for Samuel, we can tweak the time period of his being a judge, but I don't at this point see a conflict because though there was an overlap in the life span of Samuel and the kingship of Saul, yet at the moment Saul became king, Israel was no longer governed by judges but by the new king.

If you see it differently please let me know where the holes are and we will try to fill them in. In any event, this explanation defends and exonerates the majority text as found in the KJB and many others, and it is far closer to the actual numbers than are the Alexandrian manuscripts. Their numbers are WAY off; most of the mv users just haven't taken the time or the interest to see that their numbers are way off in these bogus bibles.

God bless,

Will K