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A pastor follows God and only speaks what is right before God; he doesn't follow a board or teach the private interpretations of his denomination. That is a principle of God in any dispensation.

Jeremiah 17:16 As for me, I have not hastened from being a pastor to follow thee: neither have I desired the woeful day; thou knowest: that which came out of my lips was right before thee.

If a man makes the comment that a pastor's role is to teach people what to believe and how to live without at least adding "according to scripture" or "from the Bible" it sends up a red flag for me, especially when he fails to qualify his statement after several people state their concerns with it. It makes me wonder if that person seeks to usurp the role of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Word of God over Christian's minds and lives.
Ripdood, sorry that my final rant about the above topic found it's way into my reply to you. Not sure how that happened... I guess I was still worked up.