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Default Re: " Webster's Dictionary 1828"

Originally Posted by Ripdood View Post
Let me start off by stating I am not a literate man, when it comes to writing posts. I express my thoughts much better in person than I do in my writing.

I am not a divisive person. I donít look to cause fights or people to lose their cool. I donít make it my practice to attack a person, though I will express disagreement with their concepts.

My original post had two points I was trying to make.

1. Mr. Websterís views on the King James Bible. He felt it necessary to correct it and put out his own version which the following quote from my original posting shows.

2. His definitions were flavored with his own beliefs. The definition given was an example of that. He thought religion was the final guide when we believe it is Godís Holy Word, our King James Bible. I can not find anywhere in my research which shows his denominational slant. I can make educated guesses based on the period of time he lived and where he lived and what the prevailing denomination was. But that would be implying facts I don't have.

I would like to hear some thoughts on the first point, his correction of the King James Bible. This is not an attack on Mr. Webster, it is a discussion of his views.

Aloha brother,

Your comments are most welcome and your insight on Noah Webster is "right on"! I am aware that Webster made his own translation of the Bible (that never went anywhere), and that is one of the main reasons I caution people when using his 1828 Dictionary. {Having said that - Webster's 1828 Dictionary is far superior to any modern dictionary when it comes to defining Bible words. It just shouldn't be used as a "FINAL AUTHORITY" when it comes to Bible words of "spiritual importance".}

Any word in the Bible that has any spiritual significance at all should be determined by a comparison of Scripture with Scripture.Webster is OK on lots of words that do not require spiritual discernment, but since he was "off" on some of his doctrine - his personal beliefs influenced his "definition" of some words.

I don't know if you have Swordsearcher (Electronic Bible Concordance), if you do, there is a searchable copy of Webster's 1828 Dictionary within the Software; and it is a great resource for Bible study {even for those of us that are not Literate. }