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Brother, Ive read your posts 3 times now just to be fair, I just want you to be straightforward on 2 things for me. A: This conversation is actually the first time Ive heard the word "Lordship Salvation" come up. So can you define that for me. Im fairly sure I know what you mean from reading your posts but I just want it laid out simply for me.

B: I still stand by this point, Christ will make you a new creature when you are saved. If you are new, you arent the same. Something has changed, and there is some evidence of that. That evidence is key to understanding if someone is saved or not, and I believe God has that happen to us because 1: We are filled with the righteousness of Jesus Christ so the sin is getting the boot which means things change in your life whether it be friends, or things you possess, or things you do. It just naturally happens from what I have seen, you are a new creature and all things are made new. 2: It was put in place as a way to see if another person is saved so we know to witness to him or not.

Please specifically correct me if Im wrong and dont just point to your previous posts, point to where in them. Just so I dont get lost and know exactly what your going for.

Also, I still am new to the faith, It's been a little over 2 years, and in all honesty I feel like I havent even begun to understand anything, so I want to learn more, as much as possible about The Lord that saved me from eternal damnation and sacrificed Himself for me.

In Love,